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Summer in Beirut

Even though the weather is killing me & making me cranky, summer in Beirut provides a lot to look forward to!

To begin with, tomorrow is Fête de la musique 2010, which is extremely exciting. Non stop music, and free access? Yes thank you!
You can view the full program here, but to be honest, I can’t choose which to see.

Another awesome, awesome thing is the Zouk Mikael festivals! Last year, these festivals allowed me to see Garou, and I still get all excited when I remember how amazing it was. We were an hour late, and so bummed about it, until we realized that the fact we were late had us sit in the third row rather than the very back.
So after falling more in love with Garou last year, this year I get to see CALOGERO with @MarieNakhle. The sad thing is that Mashrou3 Leila are playing on the same night in Byblos, so I won’t get to see them.

I would also like to see Gorillaz & Archive in Byblos Festival, but I am still on the look out on who is going so I can accompany them.

There is also Beiteddine Festivals. I want to see Diane Krall, but I am not sure if I will. Also: all of them.

Previous events I didn’t go to include Placebo playing here, and a DOG SHOW! How the hell did I choose laziness over cute dogs?

Beirut, your wonderful events make up for the awful, awful weather that’s been making me want to kill myself. Let’s hope the fun summer goes as planned!


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