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Behind the Scenes with Lara Zankoul

I had the opportunity to go photoshooting with @larazankoul & Razane on saturday. It was a lot of fun and provided me with lots of laughter.A few days later, we saw Lara’s beautiful shots of the event. So I decided to post my documentation of the day for the world to see.

Disclaimer: Remember, if you walk into surgery before it’s over, it looks like murder. Do not think badly of photoshoots after seeing this. The purpose is purely comical (not informative!). If Lara asks to take your pictures, SAY YES! The conversations under the pictures may or may not have happened. There are two sizes of pictures under here.

Preparations at work’s cafeteria.

Razane was very shy.

I am not sure if you can see it, but Lara smiles while taking a picture. I find that cute!

And we started!

Two pics I like.

She keeps changing positions. She did it so fast and it was fun to watch.

Aaaand she falls!

But laughs it off. I mean, how often would that happen? Not too often, she assumes.

“I’m soaked and we’ve barely started!”

Lara starts giving Razane instructions.

Which were happily applied.

Buuuut she falls again!

“I can’t get up. Will you two stop taking pictures???”

“How the hell did you get me to agree to do this Lara?!?!?!”

“I will never speak to Lara again!”

Lara was amused, and so was I!

Salty water in my eyes!!!

Lara: Okay, we’re done with the first part. Now I need you to REALLY get into the sea.
Razane: What? why what have I been doing before?!

“Lara do I HAVE to get into the water?”

“This is harder than I thought!”

& she was able to lay down like Lara wanted.

“oooh! big wave coming! better get that picture, now or never!”

No comment


But Razane was amused anyway! That’s one of the reasons she’s so cool.

“Okay, you need to go back in!”

“Seee how the camera loves you? Don’t disappoint it!”

“Come Riham! Before she changes her mind!”

The lovely Lara!

Okay, I didn’t realize how big our sunglasses are before this picture.

Please note that this is majorly exagerated. As some pictures show, the photoshoot was SOSOSOSO much fun. I enjoyed it so much, as did Razane & Lara.

To view the good versions of these pictures, please visit the below:

  • Lara’s Tumblr page
  • Lara’s Flickr Stream
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