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Calogero Concert in Beirut

I went to see Calogero, with @MarieNakhle (proof), who performed in the Zouk Festivals on Friday July 9th, 2010. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience.

The concert was supposed to start at 8.30, but the chairs were still almost fully empty at that time. A lady kept speaking every 10 minutes, telling us the concert will start in five minutes, ten minutes, few seconds, but that was never the case. We can’t truly welcome someone to Lebanon without showing them our punctuality. Eventually, at 9.30, it finally started. The stage was always beautifully lit and the sound was excellent.

He started with the song we all know, which is “En Appesanteur”. The crowd was excited at times, and almost sleeping at other times, but he was actually successful in getting us to sing with him, even when we barely knew the song. He’s actually very pleasant on stage.

Calogero kept switching between his guitar, bass, keyboard and piano. A very talented singer, for sure. He kept telling us the story behind some of the songs, such as “Nathan”, which he & his pal Marc Lavoine decided to sing about an autistic kid, as they were extremely touched by kids suffering from autism. Another amazing performance was when he sang “Chanson pour Pierot” by Renaud, since Renaud is another artist I would love to see perform. He also sang a song for Barbara, an artist who inspires him.

What I loved the most was how much he was interacting with the public, which is something probably all artists do. He kept asking us which songs we’d like to listen to, which ended in some Lebanese intelligence standing out. Some guy asked him to sing “Caravane”, which, as known by anyone who knows anything about French music, is a song for Raphael & not Calogero.  Calogero’s reply was funny as he said “C’est pas le meme chanteur, mais je vais passer le message a Raphael”. It just shows how much some Lebanese know the artist they claim to really want to see.
Eventually he asked us to come closer, and we were able to watch him right next to the stage.

So like I said, it was a pretty good night.

Songs I recommend: C’est Dit, Yalla, Danser Encore, La fin de la fin du monde.
Songs that you MUST listen to: Prendre Racine, Tien An Mien


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