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Hike of Hope

Poster for the event taken from the Facebook page

I am not sure why I haven’t heard about this before last week, but now that I have, I’d like to share the word.

Hike for Hope is basically a team of 6 Lebanese men, who are planning to climb to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, in order to create awareness about the Children’s Cancer Center and all of the amazing things it does to children. By doing that, they hope to encouraging people to donate to the Center, as it relies mostly on the funds it receives through donations in order to treat their patients.

I strongly respect CCCL and the people who contribute to it and its cause. It isn’t only because I worked there for almost two years, but because it has personally helped me get through some difficult things I was going through in my life at the time. Any event or campaign that aims to contribute to it and help it achieve its mission is one I support. So please, spread the word, donate if you can and help the Hike of Hope team raise as much money as possible.

Read more about the team, the hiking plan among other issues on their website.
Follow them on Twitter @HikeOfHope.
Check out their Facebook page
And most importantly, Donate! 🙂


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