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There’s nothing better than friends.

Warning: This is a personal dedication from my part. It is cheesy, borderline lame, to outright embarrassing for all parties involved. If you are immune to the above conditions, please go on reading. If not, you have been warned!

Photo by Lara Zankoul

I have a few people in my life that I would call my “best friend”. I know that’s kind of counter-productive, since the word “best” should really refer to one person out of a group of people, but the number is less than 5 and for some reason, that should make it okay. Two of these people are added to that never ending list of those who leave Lebanon. This isn’t criticizing, as I too would go anywhere if it provides me with more happiness or a relatively better life. This is a post to wish a happy birthday to one of my oldest friends, Rim, who is now living in Dubai.

Living it up, Egypt style!

This friendship went from buying the same shirt when we were around 12, on purpose, so we can be all cool and show everyone that we’re friends (for reference, it was blue with a weird butterfly on it. If memory serves, hers was pink) to getting two tops, separately, without realizing we are getting the same one. (Proof 1Proof 2) Really, people don’t ever change!
Who else would you sneak into a building with, when there was security all over the place, in a country where you do not speak the language, only to press a button that sets off some sort of alarm for the building? A very old story that I’ve told hundreds of times, but my favorite to tell! We were 15/16 and in Spain, trying to find the payphone in the building we were staying in. The security had made it clear that we were not allowed in that part of the building. We divided ourselves into five groups of two people each, and Rim & I went together. We get to a real dark space, and at the time, I was scared of the dark. Rim was 100% positive this was the room we were supposed to find, but I tell her that I am NOT going in. She tells me to relax since she found the light switch, and clicks a button where a very loud alarm goes off in the building. She runs up the stairs to hide, and I go down, because why go up the stairs when you can go down? Not a smart move, as the security guards were downstairs running around looking for us. I hide behind a wall until they leave. And to make it all better, we were not in the correct room.

Cyprus style!

Traveling together to Spain, Egypt & Cyprus (and soon we’ll be adding Dubai), getting lost for three hours in Lebanon, too many other stories. I could write books about the hilarious things we come across. When a friend crosses a street right when a car is about to pass by, what does a good friend do? They cross too, that’s what!

All I’m saying is, friends are amazing. Find a few good quality ones, and you’d be good to go. You just need people in your life who make your bad days better, and push you forward!

...and winter style!

So happy birthday Rim, may Dubai give you an awesome day, that isn’t as awesome as the weekend we did last year; Jbeil, Baakline, and probably one more place I forgot! ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. * Rim says:

    ririiiiiiiiiiiii. Habibiiiiii Actually I am happy I found the ” comment” button as i was searching for it. You would be so impressed if you knew about the new tech stuff I learned to do..Still technology hates me. if one pc breakes at work, guess whose pc is it? ๐Ÿ˜›
    I am so glad I am posting my first comment on your blog, actually on any blog. it is yours :D..
    Just 2 small clarifications.. but before whats happening to your memory? it seems mine got improved and yours got deteriorated? why????????????????????.. hehhe kidding.. I still sometimes forget on which floor I live. but my shirt was blue too. not pink. I even remember the tissue. oh I miss that shirt..
    And last year, we went to b3akline in a different context. On my bd we went to jehliyeh, the most beautiful place ever ๐Ÿ˜›

    Love you and miss youuuuuuuuu.. Kisses โค


    | Reply Posted 7 years, 11 months ago
  2. * meinlebanon says:

    Riham, this is beautiful..you’re making me miss my best friends back home!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 11 months ago

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