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Postcards; small gate to a big world

I have recently mentioned in front of someone that I collect postcards, and they found it to be a weird thing to collect. This was kind of surprising as I would think a lot of people buy them when they travel.

Whenever work or life suffocates us, we tend to go other places in our minds. Merely thinking of a better time, of something we want to accomplish, a place we want to visit. Being the travel lover that I am, I enjoy remembering old trips, and thinking of places I want to go to, and I do that through postcards (okay fine, and occasionally tripadvisor.com, I admit it). They are nice and comforting to look at. If you bought them yourself, you are able to remember the nice days you spent there. If they were sent to you by someone else, you get to discover a nice spot in a country you may have never been. It’s just awesome any way you look at it. This is why I decided to share a few of my favorite postcards.

Alicante, Spain

The first one is from when I went to Alicante way back in 2005. We used to hang out in this particular spot, and it was such a beautiful place. Spain being one of the best trips I’ve been on, this postcard reminds me of nice days. This is also the wallpaper of my work laptop.

Palau de la Musica, Valencia, Spain

The next one comes from the same trip. We spent a day in Valencia, and it was also such a beautiful city.This postcard is great because of the colors and the lights.

Coat of arms of the house of Schwarzenberg

I remember receiving this one, mostly because it traumatized me in a “Wow, impressive and weird!!” kind of way. A friend from the internet sent it, and this is what she wrote on it.
“Some crazy baroque artist dug up 40000 plague victims and decorated a chapel with them. This is the coat of arms of the family that funded it. It’s all made of human bones”

Not sure I’d want to go there, though. You can see the clear image here.

Snow view of Golden Pavilion, Rokuonji Temple, Japan

This one is pretty much one of my absolute favorites. I received it the last day I was presenting the final year exams at high school, and it was from an internet friend who has moved from the US to Japan. I remember sitting in the car looking at it absolutely amazed while my mother was throwing questions all over the place on whether I did well. It’s such a beautiful image, and it’s probably this particular postcard that made me want to visit Japan. Clear image here.

Another postcard I love is one I received from one of my best friends. Since I love puzzles, it is basically a puzzle. I couldn’t read what it said or see it unless I put it together. It was great because it combined two things I love.

Paris, je t'aime!

As you may already know, the awesome @FunkyOzzi gave me some postcards from New York and Turkey. This poster was part of them, and it’s from Paris.  Unfortunately, I have not visited Paris yet, but I loved this poster.

Did I convince you of my love for postcards? I hope that means you’ll remember me next time you travel!


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  1. * Funkyozzi says:

    yiiiiiiiiiiiiii hehe awesome 😀 and i love postcards too 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 10 months ago

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