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Fairouz, absolutely breathtaking

Fairouz may be the most important Lebanese icon. Many people have memories of going to school everyday, still half asleep, while listening to her on the radio in the early morning. I know I have, and that is probably when I really fell in love with her. She represented a dream to me, a beautiful artist, and I never thought I will have the opportunity to see her live.  And last night, that’s exactly what I did.
I don’t think there is a word big enough to describe the feeling that I got when she appeared on stage. Goosebumps pretty much took over my whole body.
I’ve heard what she was like on stage, but to actually see it is a whole different story. To see that without moving one finger, she is able to captivate everyone’s ears, mind and attention. It’s just amazing. I don’t think anyone has such charisma on stage. Her voice may be not as powerful as it used to be, but it is pretty impressive seeing as she is 75. You can still hear the beauty in it.
I don’t usually like to go to a concert where I don’t know the songs, but this was not the case for the new album. It was my first listen for it, and it was absolutely enjoyable. The new songs really are beautiful.
All cellphones and cameras were banned, which is a bit silly, and a lot of people were able to sneak theirs in. I decided not to even try and left them in the car. I would have loved to take a photo of Fairouz on stage, but honestly, I was there to sit down, relax and listen.
This event is and was not to be missed. Those who had decided not to go are in the wrong. Fayrouz immersed me in large amounts of joy, and no concert will ever compare.

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  1. * Danielle says:

    So sorry I missed it!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago

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